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Working in a silo is bleak, but has sadly become the default experience for modern software teams. When it takes hours of file-spelunking and channel-sleuthing to figure out what other groups are working on, people default to working in isolation.

And when people work in isolation, they miss out on the serendipitous cross-pollination of great ideas, waste time on work that another team has already figured out, and ultimately create disconnected experiences for their customers.

Campsite breaks down silos at work, helping people to discover work-in-progress and share async feedback across team and product boundaries.

We're building best-in-class tools to help modern software teams:

  • Create visibility by helping anyone in a company easily see what's happening across an organization.

  • Share and organize async feedback by simplifying and automating remote decision-making.

  • Create meaningful social connections at work by providing a space to cross-pollinate great ideas, resources, and best-practices.

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Campsite news and feature updates